With the increasing number of creators, OTA Network want creators to not only build their images as gaming streamers but also as a creators with unique traits. Therefore, a talent contest between creators was organized for fans to see the different sides of their favourite creators.


- Discover special talents to build personal brand of creators

- Attract new followers, increase engagement between creators and fans

- Increase engagement on OTA Network fanpage


Prepared and organized within 2 months, the talent contest let fans and followers to see “Another me” of their favourite creators. Every participated creator prapared their own showcase (singing, dancing, acting, playing instruments, etc.) and all of their videos were posted on OTA Network fanpage to be voted by fans. Along with the main event, OTA Network also organized other supporting activities such as: creators interviews, reaction show,etc.


Number of participated creators: 26

High quality products: 26

Reach: 3,728,786