A week of celebration for OTA Network with main activities within the gaming creators community.


To mark the 2-year journey full of potentials and disruptive growth of OTA Network, a week of events was organized. A whole week of diversed and highly interactive online events was celebrated by both creators and fans.


- Raise brand awareness of OTA Network brand to gaming community

- Raise brand awareness of creators' brand

- Increase engagament between streamers and fans


A series of event was organized from May 1st to May 7th with the participation of all creators from OTA Network with the message “2light - Creating highlights with creators”. The 3 main activities are:

- Livestream race: Road to OTA Network birthday

- Surprise challenges with special gifts from OTA Network

- Gameshow: “Sinh nhat o nha - san con mua qua”


- Every creator in OTA Network joined in the event

- Reach: 2,026,500

- PR articles: 16

- Special show:

  • Number of participated creator: 12

  • Reach: 305,551

  • Peak CCV: 1,299

  • Engagement: 12,733