OTA Network conducts talkshow Ozone to discover the story of each creator, thereby highlighting their brand name to attract more fans. Talkshow is broadcasted and posted on OTA Network’s fanpage.


WIth the increasing number of creators, number of followers and interaction have to be raised. OTA Network sees that followers need to see creators as someone who are close and trust-worthy, not some faraway idols.

Ozone Talkshow was organized to create a friendly, warm space where followers can interact and talk with creators freely, getting to know more about their favourite creators in different aspects in life.


- Strengthen the connection between creators and followers

- Increase interaction between creators and followers

- Increase interaction on OTA Network fanpage


The first Ozone Talkshow was aired in March 2019 with Chim Se Di Nang with more than 160,000 in reach and interact rate reached up to 20%. Every talkshow was highly anticipated by viewers since they can discover a different side in creators beside professional work or livestream jobs like other passions, development path, their drive to success, etc.


Number of participated creators: 7

Average reach: 100,000