The minigames and showmatches are activities in order to attract gaming creators to participate in the program, connect the creators, spread the creators' brand name and increase their performance. Quantity: 8 minigames & showmatches.


As Vietnam’s largest gaming creator network, OTA Network has a large and diversed community of creators with various strengths and charismas. To OTA Network, the core of every activity is not about being good at managing creators. It is about creating a strong and highly interactive community.

Besides offline activities for creators to meet and physically interact like creator summit, year end parties, workshops, OTA Network sees that being interactive on multiple platforms can help strengthen the community. At the same time, the team wants to optimize their strongest platform - livestream.

Therefore, showmatches are organized on Facebook Gaming regularly.


Create a fun, diversed space for creators to grow and develop their own skills. At the same time these events will increase engagment within the creators' community and fans. These will also create opportunities for creators to attract fans from other creators' community.


The first showmatch was organized in January 2019 with one of the most successful mobile games recently - PUBG Mobile. With the participation of 34 creators, the reach rate was more than 1 millions. The following showmatches are organized monthly through out 2019 and continues to 2020.


Games: PUBG M, AOV, LOL, PUBG PC, Freefire

Average number of participated creator: 30

Average reach: 1,400,000