Main goal

Along with gaming events, OTA Network constantly organizing campaigns for the sake of the commuity’s well-being. As a network of hundreds of young influencers, OTA Network not only works to give the community’s happiness but also to create positive impacts for all stakeholders.


- COVID-19 - Protect Yourself, Save The World

With the objective of promoting official information, raising awareness of personal and community’s health, OTA Network and more than 300 creators posted official guidelines from Ministry of Health. Also, OTA Network organized showmatches between creators to raise fund for the government to fight the pandemic. The campaign was joined by more than 300 creators and thousands of followers.

- Women’s Day 2020

On the International Women’s Day, OTA Network along with all of creators joined in celebrating and sending best wishes for every woman, especially all of the female creators. Some highlighted activites are: Showmatch of 10 female creators, Creator interview, challenge for male creators: call theỉ beloved women and send them appreciations on livestream on March 8th.