OTA Network is a project of Appota Corporation, and a gaming multi-channel network.
Here are what we do:

  • Managing and representing a network of top gaming creators.
  • Empowering gaming creators to transform passion into successful careers on top social platforms with knowledge, skills, information, monetization methods, global gaming opportunity, etc.
  • Connecting Vietnamese gaming creators to “Facebook Gaming Program” opportunity with exceptional values
  • Helping brands reach out to targeted customers via creators, influencers network
Creators are individuals who produce content, mostly videos for social media platforms.
Gaming Creators are individuals who produce game-oriented content, mainly livestreaming content, across top gaming channels like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc.
To be eligible to apply for the program you’ll have to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Play at least 1 trending game
  • Have your own Facebook Fanpage where you create gaming content
  • Have at least combined 20K followers acrossed channels (duplicate included)
  • High income from diverse sources
  • Audience growth on multiple social communities with millions of users across platforms
  • Chance to join big domestic and internation gaming event
  • Commercial deals with famous brands, including domestic and international game distributors
  • Professional Gaming talent training program
  • Chance to join Facebook Gaming Creator Program exceptional values
  • Fixed pay
  • Earnings from donation and subscription
  • Brand deals
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on JOIN US button on Home Page, which is also Page for Creator
Step 3: Provide and submit required information
Step 4: We will contact creators that meet OTA Network’s requirement
Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program allows game creators to broadcast playing their favourite games, monetize them and build amazing global community.
Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program focuses on:

  • Helping gaming creators build more meaningful and more engaged communities on Facebook than anywhere else
  • Increasing discovery and distribution across multiple surfaces, including, Instagram and Oculus
  • Building a platform where creators at every level have the opportunity to thrive

Like executing this program in many other countries, Facebook want to invest significantly to grow Live Game Streaming field in Vietnam through stratagic corporation with an influential, experienced and knowledgeable partner.

Meeting serveral superb standards, OTA Network (of Appota Corp.) was established as Facebook’s exclusive collaborative partner to bring Gaming Creator Pilot Program opportunity to Vietnamese gaming creators and helps them make the best of this program.

OTA Network makes it easier, safer, more secured and transparent for Vietnamese creators joining this powerful platform.

Key elements of the program include:

  • Massive growth on Facebook platform
  • Early access to new features for livestreaming
  • Income from Facebook Stars and subscription
  • International gaming event
  • Facebook Verification badge; fake or imposter accounts takedown, hacked profiles support


Influencer marketing is working with people who create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand, products or services.
Influencer Marketing is becoming more effective because of:

  • Customers’ trust for Influencers
  • Growth of social media
  • Circumvents ad blockers
  • Natural, creative, effective approach
  • OTA Network provides brands with a big network of influncers that helps reach out to their customer in natural, creative, effective ways. Approachs include:
    • Promotional livestream
    • Viral content
    • Powerfull reviews
    • Creative customized content
    • Gift-away mini game for fans
    • Etc.,
  • Other advertising offers:
    • Integrated Marketing Campaign
    • Users/Customers Acquisition Campaign
    • Lead Generation, remarketing, retargeting
    • Etc.,
  • Step 1: [Brands] Registration:
  • Step 2: [OTA Network] Campaign initiating
    Creating effective Influencer marketing plan on suitable social platform regarding brands’ budget and objectives
  • Step 3: [OTA Network] Influencer matching
    Finding the right influencers matching brand’s objectives based on experience, data from intelligent analytic system, technical tools and internal reports
  • Step 4: [OTA Network] Content generating
    Building suitable, creative content plan for the targeted customers
  • Step 5: [OTA Network] Executing & measuring
    Executing campaign with constant measuring to utilize effectiveness
We choose the right influencer for the right job based on:

  • Campaign brief
  • Campaign budget and objectives
  • Smart analytic system, technical tools
  • Internal report
  • Creators’ experience towards similar industry
  • Conducting market research
  • Initiatiating influencer marketing strategy, planning detailed action to match the right person to the right job
  • Making sure that creator understand message, requirements and objectives from the brand
  • Providing consutancy for creator to meet both commercial and creative requirement during campaign